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Facebook Group Auto Poster. Learn How Post Multiple Facebook Groups (2021)

Social media is the largest and easiest way of getting traffic to a site. In this regard facebook groups play the most important role. To save time as well as money free facebook group posting will help more. Now I will show the most easiest and comfortable way of  facebook group auto poster technique. This soft thing we can easily make posting to all of Facebook Groups by a single click.

How Start Facebook group Posting ?

Step – 01

  1. At first need to find out largest niche facebook groups. The better result will come if the groups are relevant to the service or product
  1. Then Join to that FB groups and wait for admin approval. After approved by admin to the group, you are able to post there.

Step – 02

How to Start Facebook group auto poster by Email?

  1. Firstly need to find-out FB Groups ID. As an example a group Url is


  1. See the ending part of this group /gainerr/  (Groups ID)
  1. Include this Email format at the end of the group ID   @groups.facebook.com
  1. Finally our group Email is gainerr@groups.facebook.com

As the same technique  collect all of groups email where you want to post. For an example few groups email address are below.

gainerr@groups.facebook.com,  502085026474618@groups.facebook.com

Remember that every group email should be separated by a comma ( , ) and space like the above example.

Step – 03

Facebook group auto poster.

Steps to compose the messages on Email

01. Sign in to Primary Email address which is selected as Primary Email in facebook.

02. Go to compose mail as usual. 

03. Paste group Email address on BCC fields (our collected group mail)

04. Compose Posting titles on the Subject field.

05. Details (Body Msg) of about what want to post on groups including links in details

06. Now Click on Send and the process is almost done.

Now we can check the groups where have already posted by Email.