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How to Cancel all Sent Friend Requests on Facebook by one Click

Facebook is the easiest way to reach the people in business purpose. Now I will show you How to Cancel all Sent Friend Requests on Facebook by one Click. Follow step by step and enjoy it.

01.  At first need to Download then install this Chrome Extension on your browser.  (Skip ads after 5 sec.)


02.  Go to your browser Address bar Copy this Chrome://extensions/ paste in Address bar.

Crome Extension 0

03.  Drop the File “CASF Facebook.crx”  into your browser then it will ask you ( add extension ) “click” on it & now it is installed.

Extension Installation 1

Next Click

Add Extension 2

04.   After installing you will see a icon in the toolbar on right corner, “click” on it and you will see a box, at first “Click” on “This Page“. 

Open Request page 3


05.   After clicking on “This Page” you will see a new tab where all of your  “Friend Requests Sent” is shown, now down to the bottom of the page until you see all the Requests sent.

Facebook sent request 4


06.   Now “Click” on your browser icon again then press “Click Me

Cancell all sent request 5

After Clicking the button “Click me” just Wait for few seconds, then Reload Page. Now you will see no sent requests are pending. Sometimes you may see only few requests are still on pending then “Click” Undo one by one. Finally you have successfully done all.