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Online marketing Definition. Basic Tips for Internet Marketer.

Online marketing Definition indicates a set of powerful efforts and methodologies that uses for promoting services and products through Internet. Online marketing involves a wider area of marketing tools than paternal business marketing in order to its extra channels and marketing materials available on the Internet.

What is Marketing?

Marketing means the science and art of creating, exploring and delivering value in order to satisfy the needs of a target market behind the sense of profit. Marketing identifies the needs and desires which yet unfulfilled. Basically it defines, quantifies and measures the amount of the identified market the view of profit potential.
Marketing is basically performed by a selected marketing department within the company / organization. This has both two effect good and bad. It is defined good as unit or group of trained people who are experienced & focus on the marketing task. On the other hand it’s bad because marketing activities unable to be carried out within a single department but they should express in all the activities of the organization.

When did Marketing First Appear?

Marketing started at the time of first human beings. As an example we see in first story of Bible that Eve convincing Adam for eating the forbidden apple. But here she (Eve) wasn’t the first marketer. That was the snake which convinced her to market to Adam.
On 20th century marketing was included as a teaching subject in the United States having to perform distribution, wholesaling, particularly and retailing. Marketers use marketing strategies to make decision. They are also developing marketing metrics so that they can indicate the impact of their activities on sales and to reach the maximum profit level.

What is the Mission of Marketing?

Mission of marketing can be defined in various ways. The earliest answer is selling product or service to anyone or everyone. More sophisticated second answer is that the mission of marketing is to make products that will satisfy the demand of target markets. Finally more exclusive answer can be the mission of marketing is to raise the product standard of living throughout the world & the quality of life.

Success Key of Marketing:

(1) Identifying Opportunities.
(2) New Product Development.
(3) Get Customer Attraction.
(4) Loyalty Building with Customer Retention.
(5) Fulfillment of Orders.
A company which can properly handle all of these processes must enjoy the success. But when a company fails down at anything of these processes, it will survive more & more to reach the goal.

Online Marketing Definition

Online marketing or Internet marketing determines of advertising as well as marketing technique where Website, Email and few other media are used to drive direct sales via E-commerce. In the way of Internet marketing, online advertising efforts are seriously used in conjunction with the most traditional types of advertising such as television, radio magazines & newspapers.

Online Marketing Definition -

Areas of Online Marketing

Internet marketing can be classified in different ways such as Website Marketing, Email Marketing and the most exclusive social media Marketing:

1) Web Marketing includes affiliate marketing Web sites, E-commerce Web sites, Informative or Promotional or Web pages. Advertising on Search Engines which driving organic traffic plays the most vital role of getting success on Internet Marketing.

2) Email Marketing involves a systematic path to reach the customers according to the product niche. It’s a promotional marketing efforts performing via e-mail messages to current and targeted customers.

3) Social Media Marketing the most chosen option I generally use. In here Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit are the best choice.

4) Blog Comment & Forum Marketing are another good choice to fulfill dream as online marketer. Advertising the most related blog sites and forum site also good to option for internet marketer.

However the main thinking behind online marketing definition is trying to sell anything by the help of internet based resources.


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