Uncommon Powerful Link Building Techniques

Link building is the most important part of developing SEO score for a blog. Guest posting, Social media and press release also play most vital role in link building techniques. But if you really aspect to sit google beside your blog you need to emphasis on link building with maintaining continuity. Here I have mentioned easy powerful link building techniques.
After releasing Google Penguin update, all of the spam link building weapons are caught out of the market as a result many sites are go down. For making a difference among your probable competitors, a different idea needs to apply which is similarly unused and pretty uncommon to others that will help not only as Backlinks but good traffic source also. In this topic I will show you such link building methods, which are not so common, and if you are able to use it carefully, you most get natural links and traffic that Google loves more.

Easy Powerful link building Techniques

Uncommon Powerful Link Building Techniques.

01. Low cost or free Ebook.

This is a great way to reach your audience. If your chosen keywords are more competitive you can apply this method one time and get visitors for long time. Are you ready to compete among your competitors? Are you able to maintain Ebooks ?
Firstly you need to prepare or somehow manage Ebook then put your site URl on related conversions on the Ebook. As a result when a reader will download your Ebook & read it simply he will curious on your site link to go deep behind the conversion. But the most important thing is to place it on right marketplace like Amazon or other renowned Ebook selling sites where a possibility to reach more audience has. You can ask a little money for it as $1 or $2. Do not forget to take your rating high to inspire the newer.

02. Hire Professional Blogger.

It is not a big investment to hire a blogger or writer who will write post for you. Never consider it as an expense but imagine it as your business foundation. You should find out someone who is working with same niche as you then make a proposal. Most bloggers like to link their content with other site. Just you should use this point so when your hired blogger post any content to his or others site they put your site link to similar keywords on that content. As a benefit your site will get highly valued Backlinks as well as quality traffic.

03. Use Forum Backlinks.

As powerful link building techniques Forum Posting is the most Valuable world of quality web traffic. By using a little time you can easily drive high quality backlinks and traffic by forum posting. You can use your site link in your signature. Here the most effective technique is to refer your web links on your conversion/answer of related topics on your site. As a result when anyone will read your comment have a possibility to enter your Site link & finally site get traffic.
Here are high Traffic 5 Forum sites.

04. Questions and Answers Sites.

Quora and Yahoo Answers are just two most popular Q & A sites which you can use as your target source of visitors. In this section first you need to find out questions related to your site topics then answer them properly & refer your site for more details. Always answer on the right path as a summary of your blog post but never forget the point that you are answering. The more your responsive comment the more probability to get traffic as well backlinks. These types of Backlinks search engines love more.

05. Promoting Social Media.

Now a day’s Search engines like social media backlinks more and more. In this regard you should share your post to social sites as a purpose of getting both back-links and traffic. Here you should you create accounts on all of the social media sites and share your site updates there then finally you will get quality Backlinks with traffic referred from there .
These powerful link building techniques are mostly helpful but should not replace your other link building strategies by it. Always remember that you are in a field of competition.

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