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Ways to Steal Competitor’s Traffic. 5 Ways How you Steal your Competitors Traffic

The Ways how to steal competitor’s traffic is common asking from web owners? Here I have mentioned the hidden secret about how you can steal your competitor’s traffic. Do you notice that your competitors always struggling to attract traffic regarding to your niche. So the question arise how to steal my competitors traffic.

Here are Five Ways: How to Steal Competitor’s Traffic

Ways how to steal competitors traffic

01. Target Competitor’s Keywords.

It’s a cool planning to target the competitor’s keywords. By using SEMrush write in your competitor’s name, There you’ll find a list of top ranked keywords of your competitor.
Here you can see SEMrush shows you their keywords, the probable number of searches for these keywords and the page which gets maximum visitors. This is really pearl information when you are trying to get some of those visitors for yourself.
Pick out the most chosen keywords which you feel comfortable and create content that focus the keywords where a logical amount of traffic have. Make sure you are creating better content than your targeted competitor, focusing on your readers comfort and providing great value to your readers. Aggressively promote your content. There’s no value of writing amazing blog content if nobody knows they’ve been published.

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02. Maintain high Domain Authority.

A company named Moz which shows the Web to collect information about their Domain Authority. This is based on a deep variety of ranking factors that are important to search engines to rank your content. The range of Domain Authority from 0 to 100 and the higher authority, the easier to get higher rank that fulfills targeted traffic.
You should aim for higher Domain Authority score as possible for you, so you need to take action so that increase it. The beginning part of raising the Domain Authority is to analyze what’s your current score?, and what your competitor’s position. You can find this out by downloading the Moz Toolbar.
One of the best ways of increasing authority is to link your site with high domain authority sites which called Backlinks.

03. Steal Backlinks from your Competitor.

A SEO tool called ahref easily will help to find the companies or sites where your competitor’s content involved. If your content has higher quality then reach out those sites and request to link you instead. As the same you can go with high quality backlinks from high domain authority sites which valuate your site on search engines. When anyone searches anything Google honor other high domain authority sites.

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04. Become more Influential.

Creating content by maintaining good quality is not so easy for everyone. But when anyone create quality content it’s much helpful to get attention from the readers.
If you have more creativity on conducting your own business you are nearest to get your content noticed even without promotion. You also must need to establish & maintain relationships with key influencers within your own company. Influence leads to drive traffic from your competitor to you.

05. Use paid Promotional Procedures.

Targeting with organic search traffic from Google or social sites like google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc sites, don’t forget to reach traffic from paid advertisement. In the form of paid advertisement you can indicate location from where you want to drive traffic to your site which will increase your sales volume.
As organic reach or from social media sites, using paid ads campaign is becoming more effective to reach your existing fans and potential new fans. If your competitor is listed high position on internet, so you can object the rest one who haven’t heard about you yet.

At the end of this topic how to steal competitor’s traffic it’s clear that today’s online world is fulfilled with so competitive environment so must need to be more creative than the competitors. Try some of the procedure and develop marketing scheme & finally your traffic will increase.


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